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Yeah Hofstra.

A Statement from Hofstra University President Stuart Rabinowitz

Today, Monday, November 19, at 3 p.m., the Commission on Presidential Debates, a nonprofit, nonpartisan corporation that has sponsored and produced every presidential and vice-presidential debate since 1988, announced that Hofstra University would be the host of the third and final presidential debate of the 2008 campaign season on October 15, 2008.

We are extremely pleased and proud that the Commission has chosen Hofstra University for one of America's most important political events. The presidential debates are pivotal events that can shape the course of the election, and our students and community will be able to witness, first-hand, the democratic process.

We will shortly announce a series of academic programs to be held throughout the months leading up to the debate that will provide students and the community with insights into the process and workings of the national election.

With Hofstra's unique academic strengths, and particularly our Peter S. Kalikow Center for the Study of the American Presidency and our vibrant academic programs in political science, journalism and mass media, and law, we are uniquely poised to take advantage of the special opportunities a presidential debate offers. We plan to maximize every opportunity to involve students, faculty and the community in this historic event.

For more information, visit the press release at www.hofstra.edu 

This is awesome...
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