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You play the victim perfectly.

 I've had a Livejournal for five years now...that's a long-ass time. I just went back through and looked at my entries for right around now in the past five years. Conclusion: I was a very sad human beast for a while. It feels like that's mostly behind me, but I still recognize little blips of sadness that connect back to that horrifying depression that I remember. But things have vastly improved, which is a great feeling.

Speaking of great feelings, I got my schedule worked out. Hurray! There was this issue that I wouldn't be able to try out for my DREAM PART in my DREAM PLAY (Harper Pitt in Angels in America) because I got a crew assignment that conflicted with it. And I wasn't having any of that. So I went to David and asked if he could switch my crew, and his response was, "Short answer: no." Apparently he'd been flooded with e-mails asking the same thing. So I clearly had to go about it a different way. Anyway I'm in Hamlet, and he was at the first rehearsal with all of us, because he's the costume designer. So I ended up sitting by him, and couldn't help overhearing him say to Ilona, "Damnit, this is why I need an assistant, so I wouldn't have to take notes at these meetings."
So I immediately blurt out, "Want me to take notes for you David?"
And he's like, "Oh, sure, that'd be great."
And I go, "So switch my crew."
Which he refused to do at first...but ultimately I made myself so necessary to him as a note-taker (my handwriting really is orgasmic) and general knowledge-knower (all that Facebook-stalking finally paid off), so he took me on as his assistant and moved me from the crew on the conflicting show. Which meant I was now free to audition for Angels, EXCEPT that as his assistant, I have to be available from 4-7 on Monday Wednesday Friday, and I had a yoga class from 4:00 - 5:25. Which I need as a movement credit in order to graduate on time with the other BFAs. So I was like...crap...all the other sections are full. But then I went back to my room that night and the section that I needed to get into had ONE spot that had opened up. So I snagged it. And now I have a 9:35 yoga class on Tuesday / Thursday that gets me all energized for my day. How lovely. So everything worked out perfectly. Now it would just serve me right not to get called back even...but regardless, I'm glad I got myself the opportunity.


I had my first city class. THAT'S gonna suck. The professor is this horrible name-dropper. And the thing is...he actually HAS worked with all these people, he's just a dickwad about it. Which makes me surly. Which he noticed. He was trying to charm me/us by telling us we were an attractive class, and saying "his eye was drawn to me. I wonder why that is." Ew. Come on. Probably because I've been glaring at you from the back row. How foul. But whatever, the scrawny BFA boys will protect me.

That's about all that's going on...except I need to get myself back to the gym after being side-lined by an injury for a few days. The sole of my left foot was KILLING me. And I kept running on it for a few days, and I think that made it worse. So I've taken like four or five days off at this point. I think I'm ready to go back tomorrow. So that will be a good routine to get back into. I KNOW. MY LIFE IS SO EXCITING.
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