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I love my best friend because...

 After shaving his head, he wanted me to see what it looked like. Because...I can't visualize a shaved head. 
Which is how I came to be sent a link to a webpage containing the following picture. And the caption, "This is basically what I look like now."
Hahaha. I don't remember you being quite so metrosexual and brooding. And...tan. So all in all a miraculous haircut. It was really the Jesus Christ of stylists at work. You must give them my number. 
OH. My god...a knock at the door. Who could it be? OH. Hello Christ with scissors. Go to town.
(A miraculous matter of moments later, and I now look like this:)

Wow. Job well done, JC. Job well done.

But P.S. That is actually semi-close to what my new haircut looks like. Just...not my new face. Or my new boyfriend...Jake Gyllenhaal.
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